FA, Charles University nám. J. Palacha 1/2, Prague, Czech Republic

In September 2024, the first edition of a new conference will take place at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University – The Biennial of Czech Linguistics – held under the auspices of Jazykovědné sdružení České republiky. The Biennial provides a platform for the meeting of the Czech linguistic community (and beyond) in its whole breadth … Continue reading "BCL2024"

Mongolian Language and Culture in Contact II

Institute of Asian Studies Na Příkopě 29, Prague, Czech Republic

In the study of languages and cultures, contact has been steadily gaining recognition as one of the key forming factors. In history, nomadic societies, because of their mobility, have been constantly exposed to different influences through contact with their nomadic and sedentary neighbours, as is no less true for Mongolians in the modern globalized world.