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For a very recent publication, a database required me to state my current affiliation before the article could become published. Since this database did not recognize “independent/unaffiliated” as a valid affiliation, I had to become a member of the University of Nowhere. Unfortunately, this proud Institute of Highest Education does not host a linguistics department; additionally, it does not offer web space for its employees. Because I have deliberately kept outside of social media ever since their invention, it is this page which hosts some information about my work and how to contact me.

Work in progress and submitted papers

At the current moment, a number of papers are in progress/almost ready for submission. Most of these approach morphosyntactic problems of indigenous and minority languages of Northern Eurasia (Yukaghir, Chukchi, Dolgan, Tuvan), often including a bit of functional-syntactic nagging. Among them is one paper with some potential typological implications (at least I believe so).
Another intellectual, though entirely philological hobby of mine, is Manchu, on which a paper is in progress as well. Because “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, only the titles of submitted papers are explicitly mentioned in this section:

Siegl, Florian (submitted) Prädikative Kasus und depiktive sekundäre Prädikation in Nordeurasien – eine Vorstudie unter Berücksichtigung der Verhältnisse im Tundrajukagirischen. (Submitted to a Gedenkschrift)

Siegl, Florian (submitted). Die karitiven Suffixe des Waldenzischen. (Submitted to a Festschrift)

Siegl, Florian (submitted). Karin Stenberg as a storyteller. Journal of Northern Studies.

Siegl, Florian (submitted). Tundra Yukaghir naade(ŋ) ‘necessity’, naaduol- ‘be needed’ and naadii- ‘need’ or the fate of a “Russian borrowing”. Ural Altaische Jahrbücher N.F.

Siegl, Florian (submitted). Constructional Auxiliaries in Altaic and beyond. Proceedings of Altaistic Workshop Prague (special number of Mongolia Pragensia).

Recent publications

Since most of my working time (before becoming affiliated with the University of Nowhere) required thousands of hours of work in-situ with the remaining speakers of two understudied, critically endangered moribund Uralic languages and a consecutive work ex-situ on what I could gather under such circumstances, most of my prior work had to focus on Forest Enets and Ume Saami. After having lost affiliation with a linguistic department (and interest in Uralic languages – my recent publication “Time-bounded fieldwork” offers some hints), I finally got a chance to transfer data and observations on the other languages I had worked on. Since I am running out of ready primary materials on Uralic languages now, their dominance in my publications has started to fade and other languages have taken over…

Siegl, Florian 2021. Notes on Sakha’s modal predicators naada and tustaax from a Taimyr Dolgan perspective. Studia Orientalia Electronica 9 (1). 31-65. DOI 10.23993/store.95601

Siegl, Florian 2021. Time-bounded fieldwork “ex-situ” or consultant work without unlearning another language. Studie z aplikované lingvistiky / Studies in Applied Linguistics 12 (1). 53-80.

Kapišovská, Veronika & Křivan, Jan & Pospíšil, Adam & Siegl, Florian & Ulman, Vít  & Vlasák, Jonáš & Zikmundová, Veronika & Židek, Jan 2021. Zpřístupňujme svá data, ale především chraňme konzultanty: stanovisko Pražské deskriptivní lingvistiky. Naše řeč 104. 29-31.

Siegl, Florian 2020. Negation in Taimyr Dolgan. Turkic Languages 24. 233-290.

Siegl, Florian 2020. Review essay: What makes a grammar a modern grammar? Review of Mikael Svonni, Modern nordsamisk grammatik. Journal of Northern Studies 14 (2). 83-94.

Siegl, Florian 2020. Zu den Texten von Ignácz Halász aus der Gegend von Arvidsjaur – Eine dialektologische Annäherung samt kritischer Analyse. In: Bartens, Hans-Hermann & Larsson, Lars-Gunnar & Mattsson Katja & Molnár Judit & Savolainen, Tiina (Hrsg.) Kīel joug om šīld – Festschrift zum 65. Geburtstag von Eberhard Winkler. Veröffentlichungen der Societas Uralo-Altaica 94. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz. 351-379.

Siegl, Florian 2019. Nebensächlichkeiten zur Kopula leä- im Umesaami unter Berücksichtigung der Verhältnisse im Westsaami. Ural Altaische Jahrbücher N. F. 27. 93-127.

Siegl, Florian 2019. Nachbetrachtungen zum waldenzischen Interrogativmodus im nordeurasiatischen Kontext. Finnisch-Ugrische Mitteilungen 43. 67-87.

Siegl, Florian 2019. naada in Dolgan – a modal predicator and its history. International Journal of Eurasian Linguistics 1(2).306-347.

Siegl, Florian 2018. The Syntax and Semantics of Quantification with barı and barıta ‘all’ in Taimyr Dolgan. In Peter K. Austin & Lauren Gawne (eds). Language Documentation and Description, vol 15. London: EL Publishing. 1-35.

Siegl, Florian 2018. Reflections on Linguistic Fieldwork Within Moribund Speech Communities. Études Finno-Ougriennes 49-50. DOI: 10.4000/efo.7615

Siegl, Florian 2017. Ume Saami — the forgotten language. Études Finno-Ougriennes 48. http://efo.revues.org/7106; DOI: 10.4000/efo.7106

Siegl, Florian 2017. Tryggve Sköld och umesamiskan — intryck från en oavslutad språkdokumentation. Norsk Lingvistisk Tidsskrift 35. 252-290.

Siegl, Florian 2017. The essive-translative in the Enets languages. In: de Groot, Casper (ed). Uralic Essive and the Expression of Impermanent State. Typological Studies in Language 119. Amsterdam: Benjamins. 431-463.

Siegl, Florian 2017. The essive in South Saami. In: de Groot, Casper (ed). Uralic Essive and the Expression of Impermanent State. Typological Studies in Language 119. Amsterdam: Benjamins. 189-220.

Siegl, Florian 2016. Evidentiality in the Samoyedic Languages — a reply to Usenkova. Ural Altaische Jahrbücher N. F. 26. 190-214.

Siegl, Florian 2022. The Enets Languages. In: Laakso, Johanna (et al.) The Oxford Guide to the Uralic Languages. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 709-753.

Siegl, Florian 2022. Die karitiven Suffixe des Waldenzischen. In: Kaheinen, Kaisla & Leisiö, Larisa & Erkkilä, Riku & Qiu, Toivo E. H. (eds). Hämeenmaalta Jamalille. Kirja Tapani Salmiselle. Helsinki: Helsingin yliopiston kirjasto. 315-336.

Siegl, Florian 2021. Der Partitiv im Taimyr Dolganischen. JSFOu 98. 349-398.

Siegl, Florian 2021. Die waldenzischen Possessivsuffixe aus taxonomischer und diskursorientierter Perspektive. Ural Altaische Jahrbücher N. F. 28. 44-117.

Manuscripts accepted for publications.

Siegl, Florian (accepted for publication). Prädikative Kasus und depiktive sekundäre Prädikation in Nordeurasien  –  eine Vorstudie. To appear in „Gedenkschrift für Eugen Helimski“

Siegl, Florian (accepted for publication). On multiverbal monoclausal predicates with *bimbi in General Funingga’s letters. Mongolica Pragensia

Siegl, Florian (accepted for publication). The Syntax of Forest Enets. In: Tamm, Anne (et al.) The Syntax of the Uralic Languages (working title). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Recent presentations

All presentations of mine since 2018 took place at official PDL workshops; their topics can be retrieved without much ado elsewhere on this server. The presentation from the 2020 workshop Beyond comparison – experiences and future challenges has been reworked to “Time-bounded fieldwork “ex-situ” or consultant work without unlearning another language“ in Studie z aplikované lingvistiky / Studies in Applied Linguistics 12 (1) in Prague. The presentation from the 2021 workshop Converbs from a cross-linguistic perspective is among papers in progress.

Selected older publications (linguistics only)

Beside my interests in indigenous and minority languages and functional linguistics, I did publish a number of papers on Saami history, Siberian ethnohistory, Saami and Siberian sociolinguistics and the like earlier. Since I do not continue with this kind of research (which I subsume, due to the lack of a better label, as “Arctic and Sub-Arctic Humanities”), references are not reproduced here. Neither are shorter book reviews, popular scientific papers nor several minor papers which appeared in various Festschrift-type publications:

Siegl, Florian 2016. Eine tundranenzische Grammatik (Irina Nikolaeva: A Grammar of Tundra Nenets). Finnisch-Ugrische Forschungen 63. 266-282.

Siegl, Florian 2015. The structure of NPs with referential PX.2P in Northern Samoyedic. Tomsk Journal of Linguistics and Anthropology 1(7). 21-31.

Siegl, Florian 2015. Negation in Forest Enets. In: Miestamo, Matti & Tamm, Anne & Wagner-Nagy, Beáta (eds.) Negation in Uralic Languages. Typological Studies in Language 108. Amsterdam: Benjamins. 45-73.

Siegl, Florian 2015. The Non-possessive Use of PX.2P in Nganasan and Dolgan – a Reappraisal. Finnisch-Ugrische Mitteilungen 39. 67-100.

Siegl, Florian 2015. Three Nganasan-Evenki/Dolgan morphosyntactic parallels and their implications. Linguistica Uralica 51. 258-277.

Siegl, Florian 2014. The counterfactive mood in Forest Enets and its origin. Finnsch-Ugrische Forschungen 62. 184-206.

Siegl, Florian 2013. Materials on Forest Enets, an Indigenous Language of Northern Siberia. MSFOu 267. Helsinki: Suomalais-Ugrilainen Seura.

Siegl, Florian 2012. More on possible Forest Enets – Ket contacts. Journal of Estonian and Finno-Ugric Linguistics 3(1). 327-341.

Siegl, Florian 2011. Aspect in Forest Enets and other Siberian indigenous languages — when grammaticography and lexicography meet different metalanguages. In: Haig, Geoffrey L. J. & Nau, Nicole & Schnell, Stefan & Wegner, Claudia (eds). Documenting Endangered Languages — Achievements and Perspectives. Trends in Linguistics, Studies and Monographs 240. Berlin–Boston: deGruyter. 121-149.

Siegl, Florian 2008. A note on personal pronouns in Enets and Northern Samoyedic. Linguistica Uralica 44. 119-130.


As already mentioned, I have never gotten into social media and will not change my preferences. Therefore, the most reliable way to contact me is by writing me an e-mail.* I reserve some two or three days for an answer:

f l o r i a n DOT s i e g l AT g m a i l DOT c o m

* I certainly welcome invitations for cooperation, especially such which would offer me a paid position. For the time being aka for as long as I don’t have a paid position in science – I do not accept any (peer) review invitations – no exceptions made!

Dummem, wohl noch immer nicht ausgestorbenem, philologischem Hochmut gegenüber aber sei es ganz ruhig gesagt, dass oberflächliche Kenntnisse zu gewinnen, wenn man die Forderungen kennt, viel schwerer und anstrengender ist, viel mehr unermüdete Wachheit des Geistes erfordert, als das bequeme Leben auf einem Gebiete. (Ernst Lewy 1913. Zur Sprache des alten Goethe. Ein Versuch über die Sprache des Einzelnen. in: ders. Kleine Schriften 1961 p. 94)