Jan Křivan

Head of Prague Descriptive Linguistics. Postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Theoretical and Computational Linguistics (Charles University) and at the Czech Language Institute (Czech Academy of Sciences). Functional linguist. Professionaly focuses on Czech morphology and lexicon, cross-linguistic patterns and functional explanations.

PhD in general linguistics. The dissertation thesis deals with Theoretical tools for categorization and functional explanations of relations in language.

Interests: linguistic typology, morphosyntax, usage-based grammar, semantics, lexicography

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Vít Ulman

Linguist and Japanese studies scholar. Works as Assistant professor at Palacký University in Olomouc. Received Ph.D. in Asian literatures at Charles University. Professional focus on contact between cultures, including language contact, and multicultural literature. In recent years has been focusing on language contact in East Asia and on fieldwork research of Japanese dialects especially on dialects along the Korean strait. Studies for Ph.D. in general linguistics at Charles University, dissertation thesis topic East Altaic languages as a language area.

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Jan Židek

PhD student of General linguistics at Charles University. Dissertation topic: language taboo transgressions. MA in General linguistics and Phonetics from Charles University. Regular member of Prague Descriptive Linguistics and Orientalist Express. 

Terrain work: During MA studies – Adjectives in Romani dialects near Prešov, Slovakia. Grant on taboo and borrowing into Sakha language, Sakha Republic, Russia.

Interests: linguistic theory, language contact, language reconstruction, Asian and dead languages, preferably dead Asian languages contact.

Advanced knowledge of ICT technologies from previous studies and employments. PDL YouTube channel admin, webadmin.

Jonáš Vlasák

PhD student under program Languages of Asia and Africa at Charles University, specialized on Sakha (Yakut) language. His dissertation topic is concerned with ideophones in Sakha. Member of Prague descriptive linguistics, director of Orientalist Express and board member of Library of languages. Master degree from Mongolian studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University.

Made several field research trips into Sakha republic.

Main research interests are Turkic (especially Sakha) linguistics, some Tungus linguistics, iconicity and ideophones, swear words and taboo in general.

Got no knowledge of ICT technologies worth mentioning. PDL Web admin.

Veronika Zikmundová

Institute of Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University.

Mongolist with interest towards Manchu, Sibe and other languages of broader Inner Asia. Teaches courses of Mongolian grammar, Manchu, history of Inner Asia, Fieldwork, and others.

Fieldwork experience: Mongolia, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Amdo, Manchuria.

Primary interests: Language documentation and description, ethnolinguistics, history and cultures of Inner Asia.

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Florian Siegl

Currently unaffiliated. PhD from the University of Tartu (Estonia) in 2011 with a grammatical description of Forest Enets (Northern Samoyedic, Uralic) based on 13 months of fieldwork in-situ. Further fieldwork and consultant work conducted on Tuvan, Dolgan (both Turkic), Taimyr Tundra Nenets, Ume Saami (Uralic), Tundra Yukaghir (isolate), Manipuri (Sino-Tibetan). Post-doc positions at the University of Helsinki (Finland) and University of Tromsø (Norway).

Research interests: languages of Northern Eurasia from Härjedalen to Bering Strait (and beyond), functional-typological approaches to grammar, field linguistics, language contact, areal linguistics, grammaticography.

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Adam Pospíšil

Salamist. PhD student in Languages of Asia and Africa programme at Charles University. MA in general linguistics and arabic studies from Charles University. Assistant professor of Arabic at Charles University.

Research focus: verbs. Interests: fieldwork.

Experience with fieldwork studying various semitic languages in Near East.

Nika Kapišovská

Institute of Asian Studies, Charles University, Prague

Mongolist with an interest towards sociolinguistics, contact linguistics, dialectology and ethnolinguistics in addition to Mongolina culture and literature. Teaches courses of Mongolian language, translation, Mongolian literature, and others.

Performed long term fieldwork in Mongolia as well as fieldwork stays in Inner Mongolia, Manchuria and Russia.

Primary interests: Sociolinguistics and contact linguistic research, language documentation and description, ethnolinguistics, history and cultures of Inner Asia.

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