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Grammatical Case and Language Contact Workshop – 3rd June 2022

Language contact has been attracting more and more attention in recent years. It has been shown in numerous instances that contact between different speech communities has a profound impact on not only on the vocabulary, but also on all levels of grammar. This workshop focuses on changes that occur in case systems under the influence of language contact, and all phenomena broadly connected to this process. Contributions that deal with individual instances of such changes in any language are welcome, as well as more theory-oriented papers dealing with such phenomena in general. The workshop will take place at Charles University in Prague on 3rd June 2022.

The workshop will be organized as a hybrid event (both in person and online).

Research questions (for inspiration):

Under what conditions does language contact cause greater richness of a case system, rather than its deterioration?
What features tend to be influenced by contact more/less easily than others?
Why do cases vanish/appear?
What are the mechanisms of semantic extension of cases in language contact?

Organized by:

Prague Descriptive Linguistics, Charles University, Palacký University Olomouc

Individual presentation length: 20 min, additional 10 min for discussion

Call deadline: 10th May 2022

Send abstract (max. 300 words) to:

Vít Ulman: ulman.vit[at]

Workshop on ideophones

Moved to late 2022/early 2023